Manouri salad with mint dressing

During this time of the year I can eat tomatoes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. They are just so delicious and flavorful.
I love all kinds of salads with tomatoes, but today I want to share with you one of very favorite recipes, which calls for manouri cheese and pink, ripe tomatoes. They are topped with delicious mint dressing and balsamic reduction.
Greek Manouri cheese is usually unsalted, which makes it one of my favorite types of cheese. It has creamy, yet light and soft texture and could be used in various recipes.
It is not meant for grilling, but I love it lightly browned on a skillet for a few minutes, just enough to get a crispy crust.
Enjoy my recipe!

Salad with manouri & mint dressing

1 large tomato
100 grams (3-4 oz) manouri cheese
3-4 table spoons olive oil
5-6 mint leaves
Juice from 1/2 lime
Salt & pepper
Balsamic reduction

Salad with manouri & mint dressing

Cut the tomatoes into a couple of thin rings.
Cut the cheese into thin rings, too. In a small skillet grill the cheese on both sides on high heat, for a few seconds on each side.
Place the olive oil, mint, lime juice in a small bowl, season with salt and pepper and puree finely with a hand blender. Set aside.
To assemble the salad, place tomato rings on a plate, alternating with the cheese rings. Spread a little bit of the dressing and balsamic reduction on top.
Serve immediately.

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