Bye, Bye July…

July, July! You passed so quickly.

Now I am turning back to see and feel the summer time… it is passing day by day, but memories will never pass…

Two amazing weddings, a couple of beautiful sunrises, sunshine, beach time, sea breeze, new beautiful props, many delicious meals…..

I had an awesome time! Hope time pass by just as quickly and see you soon…

IMG_20130801_025807 IMG_20130801_025702 IMG_20130801_105449 IMG_20130801_033447 IMG_20130801_031511 IMG_20130715_131816 fc51c462-eb2c-41f0-b136-0a105901c2e7 IMG_20130801_025532 IMG_20130801_051626 IMG_20130801_051401 IMG_20130801_051154 IMG_20130801_050816 IMG_20130801_045542 IMG_20130801_050719 IMG_20130801_051039 IMG_20130801_030043 IMG_20130801_025917 IMG_20130801_050933

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