Coconut mousse

Coconut mousse

Having a couple of coconuts lying around for 1 week, made me wonder what can I do with them… and it turns out that there are many, many things to be done :) I decided to go with this recipe because it’s fast, easy and very delicious.

Today I will show you an easy recipe for coconut mousse :)


250 grams mascarpone cheese

100 ml. coconut milk

250 ml. heavy whipping cream

2 egg whites

1 tea spoon pure vanilla extract

1 tea spoon coconut extract

6 table spoons icing sugar

150 grams (6 ounces) whole wheat graham cracker crumbs

50 grams (2 ounces) melted butter

50 grams (2 ounces) fresh coconut flakes

First of all, you need to prepare your coconut flakes.

Using a sharp tool, carefully poke a hole in each of the three spots on the top of the coconut. Flip the coconut over onto a cup or bowl and allow draining.Preheat your oven to 180 C and place your coconut on a baking pan. Bake for 10 minutes or until you see a crack developing.Ceparate the white meat from the shell, using a knife.

After you have the white meat, cleaned and cut into pieces, you could either shred it using a hand shredder or you could use a food processor. I cut it using the attachment for chopping nuts. It’s easier and much faster than doing this by hand.

Mix the graham crumbs with the butter and the coconut flakes. Place the crumbs in every serving cup and press until a crust layer forms.

Mix the mascarpone cheese, coconut milk and coconut extract in a large bowl, using either a rubber spatula or your food processor.

Mix the heavy whipping cream with 3 table spoons of sugar and vanilla extract , using a hand mixer or a stationary mixer. Place the whipped cream in the refrigerator until you need it.

In another bowl combine egg whites and the rest of the sugar and mix on highest speed of your electric mixer until stiff, dry peaks form.

Add the whipping cream to the mascarpone mixture and carefully mix, using a rubber spatula. Then add the egg whites.

Be careful not to over mix.

Pour the mixture in the serving cups.

Make sure you serve the mousse cold.

If you are fan of ice cream, like me, you could easily put half of the mixture in the freezer and have some coconut ice-cream on hand, whenever you like.

The fans of chocolate may add melted white chocolate to the mixture before pouring it in the cups.

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5 thoughts on “Coconut mousse

    • Hello Tam! No problem to omit the egg whites. They give extra fluffiness and air to the mousse, but it’s fine to skip this part. If you do so, the mousse will have more of a cream texture and taste.
      If you are uncomfortable to use raw egg whites, you can “cook” them by placing them, together with the sugar, in a heatproof bowl. Set the bowl over a pot of water (make sure the bowl of whites don’t touch the water) and bring water to gentle simmer. Cook until sugar dissolves. Then whip up until cold and stiff peaks form. Let me know if you have any trouble with the recipe!
      Happy cooking!

    • Hi Shannon! You could use any type of coconut you have on hands! Flaked coconut will be also great. If you want to get a stronger coconut flavor you could toss the coconut over low heat for a few minutes, just enough to loose the flavors.

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