Pancakes (Crepes)

Here is my recipe, tips and tricks for the perfect pancakes (crepes)!
Cranberry pancakes (3 of 3)-2

2 eggs
500 ml. milk
180 grams all purpose flour
2 table spoon melted butter
1 tea spoon powder sugar
1/2 tea spoon salt
1/3 tea spoon vanilla extract

Cranberry pancakes (1 of 3)-2 Cranberry pancakes (2 of 3)-2

Mix all ingredients in a large bowl. If you have a hand blender, use it to brake all the lumps in the batter – this is the easiest and quickest way to mix the batter for the pancakes. If you don’t have a blender, just use a fork or a hand whisk.
Heat a pancake skillet on medium heat. The pancakes (crepes) are cooked as thin as possible, so they burn easily, that is why I always cook them on medium heat. This way may take a few extra minutes but at the end you will have the perfect pancakes.
So, here are my tips for the perfect crepes:
  • Spray your skillet with a non stick spray (or just add a little bit of butter) before you cook every pancake
  • When pouring the pancakes batter into the skillet – make sure you have the skillet in one hand and the bowl of batter in the other. As you pour the batter in the center of the skillet, tilt the skillet on every side in order to spread the batter evenly. After the first few pancakes you will already get used to the technique and the amount of batter needed.
  • Cover the ready-made pancakes, while you cook the rest
  • The thinner the batter – the better the pancakes. I have written for you guys my opinion for the perfect proportions of the flour, milk and eggs. My batter is thin, which i believe makes these pancakes so good. This recipe is, of course adjustable to the taste, so go with your instincts as well.
  • Don’t forget to season the batter – salt and sugar are just mandatory ingredients for the pancakes. When you taste a pancake it has to be delicious just like that, by itself, not only when you add a topping to it. Especially when you have little kids – they often do not want anything on their pancakes, so you will be prepared with a great, tasty pancakes.
 Cranberry pancakes

Serve your pancakes warm with chopped up fruits, Nutella, different kinds of jam or cheese and ham.

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