August in photos

August, sweet and sunny, is now over. Where did it go? Why so soon, so quick? With great sadness I am saying goodbye to one of my favorite months of the year – sunny August. Well, I know it is quite hot, quite crowded on the beach but there are so many other things I appreciate August for. I can’t forget mention the fact that everyone is on vocation during August so we have the city to ourselves – no traffic, no crowds, no faces. The city is ours to explore. We had some good times in August – few beaches, a couple of movies, many delicious meals, many interesting places, a couple of new friends, some crazy sunrises, never ending swing music and many hours spent in the kitchen, despite the sun!

August welcomes and sends off summer fruits and fresh vegetables, which make our meals so delicious and irresistible. As I am saying goodbye to August and its joys, I welcome September with many pumpkin and apple meals and hope it will be as good as last years.

IMG_20130828_061827 IMG_20130828_061700 IMG_20130902_014902 IMG_20130902_015034 IMG_20130815_123050 IMG_20130815_121050 IMG_20130815_120357 IMG_20130902_010625 IMG_20130815_120753 IMG_20130815_120526 IMG_20130828_061055 IMG_20130815_122901 IMG_20130815_120845 IMG_20130815_120956 IMG_20130815_120155

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