Sunday in colors – gingerbread cookies with fondant decoration

This is my first big cooking project by request of a friend.
My dear colleague Miglena has a 4 year old daughter, who is the most beautiful, sunshine girl I know. I fell in love from the first time I saw her! Elena had a birthday this Thursday, and we wanted to make something girly, sweet and fun to surprise her.

So, it didn’t take much time to decide that colorful, sweet cookies are the best choice for this occasion.
I used a recipe for gingerbread cookies from Irina Kupenska’s website. They are absolutely delicious, and have the perfect consistency for decoration.
The whole process of preparing gingerbread cookies is fun and interesting, but it takes time….. which I did not have. So, I needed a good plan for the whole process.
I had to deliver the cookies on Wednesday. So, I made the dough on Sunday. Baked the cookies on Monday, decorated them on Tuesday and the only available time for taking pictures was Wednesday in the morning. I got up at 6, took the photographs and packed the cookies.
The best of all, is that the more these cookies stay, the tastier they get. So, it was not a problem for me to bake them ahead of time.

Find the recipe for the cookies here. The decorations are all up to you!

You can decorate the cookies, whatever way you want – using fondant, royal icing or buttercream.

Have fun!!!

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8 thoughts on “Sunday in colors – gingerbread cookies with fondant decoration

  1. Hi Vessy,
    Your gingerbread cookies look gorgeous!!!! I can’t wait to make them. Just a few questions:
    - are gingerbread cookies the same as ginger biscuits?
    - how long in advance can I make them?
    - how do you stick the fondant to the cookie?
    - can I just use normal fondant or I need to mix it with something else to make it harder?
    Thanks a lot! Love your website!

    • Hi Renata!
      Thanks :) , the cookies are really delicious as well. Here are the answers to your questions:
      - these cookies are a bit on the softer side, so I would not say that they are biscuits
      - You can store them for up to a month
      - Melt a little bit of sugar in a bowl of water – this works perfectly as a replacement of glue. Otherwise you can buy a fondant glue (eatable), but i think it is not necessary
      - You should use a regular fondant. Once you stick it to the cookie and leave it in an open space, it will harden. That is why you should always use a little bit of fondant at once, keep the rest covered.

      Send me some pics of your cookies when done, I will love to see them!

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