White chocolate mousse with bananas

This amazing, super delicious recipe is actually a result of a lazy and boring Saturday. It was one of those days, when I was bored to death at home. And I have to tell you, I like to be engaged in all kinds of activities, as long as they are interesting. When I am at home I usually cook or research future recipes, and plan ahead my time and the recipes I am going to cook during my weekends, but this time I had nothing… no plan, no idea. I opened my fridge and I saw cream and eggs (what a surprise lol). This is when I realized why this recipe is so great – it is made of  three major ingredients – cream, chocolate and eggs. I bet every one of you, most of the time, have those three ingredients in the fridge. It is great because you can prepare the chocolate mousse anytime you think of. The recipe is easy, quick not complicated.
Chocolate mousse with banans-1-19

I have the honor to be a guest blogger on Yummly’s Blog and share with their readers one of my recipes. What better chance then showing my Saturday Chocolate mousse. I hope their readers and you guys will enjoy it as much as I enjoyed cooking it!

If you want to read the whole recipe, just click here.
Chocolate mousse with banans-1-14 Chocolate mousse with banans-1-12 Chocolate mousse with banans-1-6 Chocolate mousse with banans-1-3 Chocolate mousse with banans-1-21 Chocolate mousse with banans-1-17 Chocolate mousse with banans-1-23


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