Sunday in ice-cream colors

I know today is not the world’s ice-cream day, but I decided to continue my Sunday in colors tradition, and have a Sunday in ice-cream colors :) I will share with you a very easy tutorial, how to prepare your own party chocolate ice-cream cones with sprinkles and coconut flakes.

You will need:

Ice-cream cones

White ice-cream

Chocolate ice-cream

Strawberry ice-cream

Hazelnut ice-cream

Colorful sprinkles

Colorful coconut flakes

150 grams chocolate (melted) /dark, milk or white, whatever you prefer/

A couple of small glasses (or eggs cartons, which could be turned into a cone stands)

Optional: fruits, cut into small pieces, different types of chopped nuts, chocolate chips

1st step: Punch holes in the top of egg carton to make the ice-cream cone stand.

2nd step: Melt the chocolate in the microwave or using a double broiler. I placed the chocolate in a coffee cup and placed it in the microwave under medium low. Go for short blocks of microwaving (10-20 seconds interval) so that you can check the progress more regularly. With each heating interval, you have to stir the chocolate with a spoon to check it out.

3rd step: Grab one of the ice-cream cones by the bottom edge, and dip the wider part into the chocolate. If you want sprinkle cones, now will be the time to do that. Just sprinkle the chocolate on the cone evenly (with chocolate sprinkles, coconut flakes, nuts or whatever you prefer). Place it in a cup or on the cone stand and move to the fridge for 20 minutes, until the chocolate firms. Repeat this step with all of the cones.

4th step: Scoop the ice-cream and press over the cones until holds well. Repeat this step with all of the ice-cream cones.

5th step: Sprinkle over the ice-cream with your desired toping.

6th step (optional): You could crush a couple of ice-cream cones into a bowl, add different flavors of ice-cream, sprinkles, coconut flakes and chopped nuts and serve.

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