Salmon rolls with cream cheese

Today I want to share a great appetizer recipe with salmon, cream cheese and zucchini. This is one of the easiest recipes, and still looks kind of sophisticated…so if you have people over, they will be impressed :) And from my experience, every housewife likes it when friends and family appreciate and congratulate her for the great job she did in the kitchen…. :) at least I am like that lol

50 grams salmon (fresh or smoked) – cut into thin pieces
100 grams cream cheese
1 tea spoon lemon juice
1 zucchini (cut lengthwise, app. 5 sm thick)
Salt and pepper
1/2 tea spoon dry basil
1/2 oregano
2 table spoons olive oil

Heat a pan on the highest temperature of your stove. Heat up the olive oil. Add the zucchini and cook until lightly brown on both sides.
Set aside to cool off completely.
In the meantime mix the the herbs, lemon juice and the cream cheese.
Take one piece of zucchini and spread it with a tea spoon of the cream cheese mixture.
Roll the zucchini. Roll a salmon piece around the zucchini roll and place on a serving plate.

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