Quesadillas with crab meat and cheddar cheese

I haven’t made quesadillas for a couple of months. Usually I prepare them with shrimp and cheddar cheese… but this time i wanted to change the recipe a little bit.

So, here are the ingredients:
4 flour tortillas
400 grams crab meat/crab rolls or shrimp (cut into small pieces)
100 ml. chili sauce
200 grams cheddar cheese (shredded)
Red hot pepper flakes
1 fresh red pepper (cut into small pieces)
olive oil
5 garlic cloves (minced)
1 big onion (cut into small pieces)
salt and pepper

Heat a sauté pan over medium-high heat.
Add a little bit of olive oil and let to heat up. Add the onions, peppers, salt and pepper and the red hot pepper flakes. Cook until golden brown. When ready, transfer to a plate.
Using the same pan, heat up some more olive oil. Add the garlic and the crab meat (shrimp or crab rolls). Season with salt and pepper, and cook until nice and crisp. Transfer to a plate.

Using the same pan, heat a couple of drops of olive oil.  Add the first tortilla and cook for 30 seconds until it gets hot. Flip i over. Using a small spoon, add a little bit of the pepper-onion mixture on the tortilla, as make sure to spread it only on half of the tortilla. Add a little bit of the crab meat and top with the shredded cheese. By the time you spread the cheddar cheese, the tortilla should be almost ready :) – so quick! Grab the half with no ingredients on, by the edge, and move over the half with stuffing, aiming to cover it – press a little bit with a spatula, until the cheddar cheese melts from the hot tortilla and stick to it. The tortilla should look like pizza Calzone – just in half. Remove from the pan, and serve immediately!


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