Mascarpone nutella pudding

This is the ultimate 5 minute dessert. No. Chocolate dessert! It is a nutella chocolate pudding. It is smooth and light as mousse, without the eggs and the waiting and wondering if your mousse will turn out good or not. It’s just so easy – all ingredients in one bowl, then in the fridge!
That’s all!
Enjoy it!
 Mascarpone chocolate pudding-1
300 grams (10,5 oz) mascarpone cheese
100 ml. heavy whipping cream, whipped
20 ml. vanilla liquor
240 grams (8,5 oz) nutella
Mascarpone chocolate pudding-2
Mix all ingredients in a medium bowl. Use rubber spatula or hand mixer to combine all ingredients well.
Pour into small jars or serving dessert glasses and chill in the fridge for about an hour before serving.

Voila! Super easy!

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