How to plan the perfect BBQ – ideas and tips

Today, I want to share with you guys, my list of food & necessary accessories for your picnic & BBQ day.
I believe this list will make it much more easier to gather all you need for a day on the outside without worrying that you will forget something, as I always do :)
So I will divide the list in a few main categories – food, accessories, for relax, for play.
Grab this list and go plan your next weekend, summer is too short to miss a day out!
BBQ (1 of 1)-4

Bread (freshly baked baguettes, or homemade bread)
All kinds of spreads for bread – butter, cream cheese, hummus, olives paste, sun-dried tomatoes paste, “lutenistsa”, Foie gras, guacamole;
Chips, Nachos, raw and baked nuts
Cheese – yellow, cheese, feta, mozzarella, cream cheese, Camembert, Bri, Gauda, haloumi (perfect for BBQ)
Salami – your favorite types (you know already which is my favorite brand)
Vegetables for a salad – cucumbers, tomatoes, mix green salads (preferably ready cleaned and cut), cherry tomatoes, green onions, avocado, radishes, lemons, mint leaves, basil, parsley, olives
Vegetables for a BBQ – zucchini, purple tomatoes, red & yellow onions, corn, mix green and red peppers, garlic, lemons, potatoes (all vegetables for the BBQ could be washed, cleaned and cut beforehand, just make sure you place them in an airtight containers to keep them fresh until the BBQ)
Salad dressings – could be prepared in advanced, stored in small plastic containers and use them just before you serve the salad
For the BBQ – your favorite spices for seasoning the meat, honey, mustard (for glazing the meat), meatballs, steaks, meat for skewers, sausages and etc. – the meat could be seasoned, glazed and marinated beforehand, so it is ready for the BBQ, all skewers could be also prepared in advanced in order to ease your work on the day)
Drinks – your favorite soda drinks, beer, lemons, limes and mint for a homemade lemonade, water (+ extra for washing hands),
Fruits – all kinds of berries, peaches, apricots, pears, apples, bananas (washed beforehand)
Yogurt – bring individual sizes of yogurt cups and add chopped fresh fruits and honey for a light dessert
Muffins and loafs – bring a basket of home-made mini muffins – it is always better to prepare individual size desserts for such an outdoor party

BBQ (1 of 1)-5 BBQ (1 of 1)-6 BBQ (1 of 1)-3
Plastic forks, spoons, knifes, straws, cups, plates
Knifes and wooden boards
Bowls for salads
Ceramic dish with a lid for keeping the meat warm
Paper napkins, kitchen paper
Wet napkins – you will need a lot of wet napkins for your hands while dealing with food
Plastic and aluminium foil
Garbage bags
BBQ + all necessary equipment for it
Cooler boxes
BBQ (1 of 1)-8 BBQ (1 of 1)-2 BBQ (1 of 1)
For relax:
Waterproof picninc blankets
A couple of blankets (at least 2 for laying on top of them on the grass and a few for covering in case it gets cold)
For play:
Valleyball ball
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