Chocolate clafoutis with pears

This is my interpretation of the classic French dessert clafoutis.
Clafoutis is usually prepared with black cherries and pancake-like batter.
My recipe on the other hand includes pears and chocolate – one of the best combinations of fruit and chocolate. This is one of those very simple but yet impressive desserts, which sound complected and hard to prepare, but I can assure you that this is just an illusion. Recipe is ready in three simple steps – melting the chocolate, mixing the batter (in only one bowl) and baking – simple as that, but you will never believe how delicious this is! You can serve it as dessert or brunch or even breakfast, it is so delicious that you will want to eat the whole thing by yourself :) .

Chocolate clafoutus

Ingredients (20 cm. round baking dish):
180 grams (6 oz) chocolate
3 medium eggs
185 ml. milk
1 tea spoon cinnamon
1 tea spoon pure vanilla extract
50 grams (1,80 oz) powder sugar
60 grams (2 oz) flour
3 ripe pears, sliced
Butter for greasing

Chocolate clafoutus Chocolate clafoutus

Preheat your oven to 180C (350F), fan-forced.
Melt the chocolate over a double boiler. Let it cool to room temperature.
In a large bowl add the eggs and lightly beat with a whisk. Add the milk, cinnamon, vanilla extract and sugar. Mix well. Add the chocolate and mix the mixture with a hand-held blender until it is nice and smooth. Gently fold in the flour and mix with a rubber spatula – make sure to not over-mix the batter. Even if you see a few lumps, don’t worry, they will blend with the rest of the batter during the baking.
Grease your baking dish with a little bit of butter or flavorless oil.
Pour the batter in the baking dish. Arrange the slices of pears on top of the batter. Do not press them or try to push them deeper in the batter. They will sink a bit during the baking.
Bake for about 40 minutes. When you take out the cloufutis out of the oven you will notice that is a little bit wobbly in the center – that’s how you want the clafoutis to be. Leave it to cool until warm (it will firm up a bit), dust with cocoa powder (optional) and serve immediately.
You can serve it with whipped cream or ice-cream.
NOTE: It is better to use a heavy dish with thicker sides and bottom, because it will retain the heat from the oven very well and your dessert will bake more evenly.

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