Sunday in colors

My weekend was not exactly what I expected….instead of going to Greece for snorkeling I spent the whole Saturday afternoon preparing a birthday cake for my boyfriend’s nephew…. He had his 13th birthday, which we celebrated at their family country house, about 30 minutes away from Sofia. The problem was that after 6 hours in the kitchen, I was kind of disappointed from the result and refused to bring the cake to the party :(

I was not worried what I will do with the cake, because I have a room full of colleagues who appreciate all kinds of sweets … and they were really happy that I brought it!  There was even some negotiating, who gets two slices and who is on a diet… and some bribing….  But that is not important :)

So, here is the cake. You could read the full recipe below.

It was actually a wonderful Sunday, the sun was shining, and the weather was great….. so relaxing.

I got to photograph a bunch of very beautiful butterflies…. It was like they were posing… like they knew I took pictures of them :) … so beautiful.

I don’t know what else to add to this post except many pictures of the butterflies.

Enjoy my colorful day!

To read the recipe for the cake click here.

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2 thoughts on “Sunday in colors

  1. хахахахах Ох, Веси, чак сега го прочетох това за разочарованието ти, щото нямах много време напоследък. Ох много ме разсмя с това ”refused to bring the cake to the party” хахахахха. Тортата изглежда прекрасно, но напълно те разбирам, щото и на мен ми се е случвало да имам големи очаквания и накрая да не се получи каквото очаквам. Но ето, че явно само в нашите глави е проблема, защото на мен твоята тортичка много ми харесва !

    • Мерси Тони, радвам се че ти харесва:) Така е, фрустрацията е голяма, когато не се получи както трябва…. но затова пък има проба-грешка хаха

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