Tender pork ribs addiction

This week’s special is tender pork ribs with a special sweet-chilly sauce.

Pork ribs (1 of 1)-11
I tried many recipes for pork ribs along the way, until I end up with today’s recipe. I wanted to find the easiest way to prepare tender ribs and the most delicious glaze for them. My primary goal was to come up with a recipe, which doesn’t require marinating, sitting in the fridge for 2 days or preparation of any kind in advance. I don’t know about you, but I am very impacient when it comes to cooking. I don’t like to wait for the batter to chill in the fridge, the loaf to cool off before cut a slice or wait for the meat to be marinated. That is why I decided to try and bake the ribs, without marinate. I rubbed some spices and salt on all sides of the ribs, covered them with foil and bake them for 2 hours. In the meantime, I prepared the sweet chili sauce. After the ribs are well done, I spreaded the sauce on all sides of the ribs and place them back in the oven for another 15 minutes (this time with no cover, foil or lid) in order to get a nice crisp look on top. ….You know the rest of the story – mess on the table!
Here is the whole recipe!
Pork ribs (1 of 1) Pork ribs (1 of 1)-6 Pork ribs (1 of 1)-5 Pork ribs (1 of 1)-12 Pork ribs (1 of 1)-15 Pork ribs (1 of 1)-13 Pork ribs (1 of 1)-18 Pork ribs (1 of 1)-17 Pork ribs (1 of 1)-16

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6 thoughts on “Tender pork ribs addiction


    Двама човека от 20 минути обсъждаме колко са гениални и тей нататък… Спирам с комплиментите, просто брилянтни. Благодарим от все сърце,че споделяш!

    • Thank you Meli! I appreciate the good words! I stopped by at Confessions of a spoon – you have a great website, as well. I already found a couple of recipes, which will go on my “to do list”!

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