Salted caramel

Sugar and cream… do we need more words? This sauce is absolutely amazing, one of my favorite sweet sauces for cakes and breads.
Recipe is tested many times, and it always works for me, so I finally decided to share it with you guys! Most of the recipes for caramel require a cooking thermometer, but I wanted to share with you the method I use to make caramel without having a thermometer. Trust me, you can make this one without gadgets and superpowers.
So, read, cook and enjoy!
Salted caramel sauce (1 of 1)
150 grams (5,30 oz) white sugar
50 grams (1,8 oz) butter
100 ml. (3.5 fl. oz.) whipping cream
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
Himalayan salt to taste
Salted caramel sauce (1 of 1)-2

Add sugar in a heavy saucepan (medium size) – I used non-stick, since it is easier to work with. Heat sugar over medium-high heat. Whisk the sugar frequently, while it start to melt. You’ll see at first that sugar will begin to form clumps, but do not worry, because they will melt back down. Make sure not to burn the sugar, so I would recommend to heat it first at low temperature, and then gradually increase it until you reach the right temperature for melting, without burning the sugar.
Cook sugar until it reaches (180 C) 350 F. I do have a thermometer myself, but if you don’t have the thermometer, just cook sugar until it begins to darken – this is the moment when you have to decide if you prefer darker color or lighter. So, cook the sugar less for lighter color and more for darker.
Then, add the butter – the mixture will rapidly foam and double its size, which is absolutely normal. This is the reason you have to use a bigger saucepan.
Now, when you add the butter, you have to decide how thick you want your salted caramel sauce – the more you cook the sugar and butter, the thicker it will get. Keep in mind that the sauce may seem more liquid in the pan, but it will thicken a lot once it is chilled.

So, I cooked the butter and sugar about 5-7 minutes, then took off the saucepan from the heat.
Add the cream, vanilla and salt and mix well. Keep in mind that the more cream you add the less thicker your sauce will get, so add about 100 ml. at first, stir, and then add more if you think you will need it, but remember that the sauce will thicken additionally after it’s chilled in the fridge.
The thickness of the sauce depends also on the type of cream you use – I tried making the sauce with animal cream and the sauce became thicker, even though I added more cream than usual.
When using vegetable cream, just use less cream.
Transfer sauce into a jar and let cool completely to room temperature before you close the jar and put in the fridge.
If you have some leftover caramel sauce, you may store it in the fridge up to a month in a airtight jar.
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