Mojito time

Last four amazing days I spent at the beach reminded me how much I love the sea, hot sand, the water, the warm summer rain, hot sun and last but not least, how much I love my man. But I am not going to talk about him today.

I am back in the office, trying to focus on my job, although it’s almost impossible. All I think of is the warm water, light breeze and HUGE cocktails!!!

I can’t wait till the next beach time! We are going to Greece for a couple of days, in two weeks. The plan is to go camping, snorkeling and drink lots of beer. This will be my first time snorkeling, but all of my friends, who have been snorkeling in Greece, say it’s awesome. The water is crystal clear, very warm and there is a great variety of fish and sea-plants. I will share more about Greece after I come back.

Today I will focus more on the cocktail part of the traveling and show a classic recipe for Mojito cocktail. You may be busy at work all day, but at night you can easily spoil yourself with a nice mojito cocktail!

Make yourself a mojito and remember your best summer time!

All you need is:

Juice from 1 lime+ additional lime wedges to garnish

6-7 fresh mint leaves+ additional to garnish

1 tea spoon brown sugar depending on how sweet you like your drink

100 ml. club soda

50 ml. white rum

A couple of ice cubes

Add the lime juice, sugar, alcohol and mint leaves in a shaker. Shake until the sugar dissolves.

Add the mix into a tall serving glass; add the ice and club soda.

Garnish with slices of lime and mint leaves.

Tip: You could always make the mojito virgin: just substitute the club soda for sprite and skip the alcohol. It’s just the perfect drink for hot summer days :)

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4 thoughts on “Mojito time

  1. Thanks for sharing this great mojito recipe, I have tried this drink few years back and now this is on the top of my list. Now, I definitely want to try this at home in various flavors too.

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