Healthy oatmeal for breakfast

This recipe is the perfect proof that healthy food could be yummy, too.
Often when I don’t have time for a warm breakfast, such as eggs, ham or baked goodies, I just mix a bowl of oats with some berries and honey. If you add sesame or other type of tahini to the oats, plus a tea spoon of goji berries you breakfast bowl will turn into a big healthy heaven.
If you want to stay away from calories, make this recipe with water, instead of milk, or just use nut milk. I promise you will be pleasantly surprised how good this is.
Oatmeal with sesame tahini and godji berry
100 grams (3,5 oz) fine oats
1 tea spoon goji berries
1 table spoon sesame/cashew tahini
1 table spoon honey
Hot water
Oatmeal with sesame tahini and godji berry Oatmeal with sesame tahini and godji berry
Put oats in a breakfast bowl, cover with hot water, add berries and sesame/cashew tahini and mix to combine. Let oats sit for 10 minutes to soften and absorb the water. Add honey to taste, stir again and enjoy!

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