Creme Brulee

Creme Brulee … hmmmm … I do not know where to start!
Many cups of creme brulee went in the trash, until I found the perfect recipe and I realized a couple of important facts for the preparation of this so simple but so delicious dessert.
Despite everything, creme brulee is a classic dessert, and I believe, every woman should have the perfect recipe – light yellow cream, thick as butter, but lighter in taste and melting in the mouth…that is the real brulee!

My relationship with the creme brulee began with my first purchase of creme brulee ceramic cups. Then I bought some more, I wanted to have different types, for different situations. Then I bought the kitchen torch, right at the same time friends of mine gave me a brand new kitchen torch as a birthday present, now I have two, but I do not complain at all! Then I bought various brands of cream (because this is important, as well)…I had all the necessary ingredients and accessories and I was absolutely prepared to start cooking the Creme Brulee! As always, I wanted to be just perfect, just like I imagine in!
But….my first attempt was a complete disaster! The second one was the same as the first one…. After the third unsuccessful attempt, I realized that the problem is not in the cream or in the cups… was in the baking… it had to be the baking, otherwise there were only three ingredients – it’s almost impossible to mess them up!
That is why I decided to share each step of the Creme Brulee preparation… with all the little details!

Crene Brulee (1 of 1)

1 liter heavy whipping cream
12 egg yolks
250 grams of sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
Necessary accessories:
15 shallow ceramic cups
Kitchen Torch
Extra sugar for sprinkling
Creme Brulee (1 of 1)-19
Prepare a deep pan and arrange the cups in the pan.
Preheat your oven to 100-120 C (depending on how strong your oven). If you are not sure whether your oven is very strong, or not, it is better to bake the brulee at a lower temperature.
Pour the cream and vanilla in a small saucepan, and allow to boil.
Put the yolks in a deep bowl. Add the sugar and beat with a wire whisk. From my experience, there is no need to beat the egg yolks with an electric mixer – the result is the same. After adding hot cream, the sugar will melt – but more about this later!

Creme Brulee (1 of 1)-15
Once the cream begins to boil, remove from heat and slowly begin to pour in the egg yolks, while stirring with a wire whisk.
Pour all the cream. It is important to pour the cream while hot. Do not worry that the eggs may curdled- if you stir constantly, while pouring the cream, you will not have a problem.Remove all the foam, which may have formed while stirring.
Pour the mixture into the small cups.

Creme Brulee (1 of 1)-14 Crene Brulee (1 of 1)-4
Creme Brulee needs to be baked in a water bath. Pour hot water into the pan, the water should not cover more than half the height of the cups.
Bake at 100 to 120 C about 80 minutes.

Crene Brulee (1 of 1)-2 Creme Brulee (1 of 1)-9 Creme Brulee (1 of 1)-13 Creme Brulee (1 of 1)-17
Once baked, brulee will still be liquid, if you shake the bowl, you will see that it is not like a creme, but more like a thicker cream. Do not worry!  Cream Brulee will thicken at room temperature (or refrigerated) overnight.
The whole philosophy of creme brulee is in the baking. The oven temperature should not be high, but rather slightly warm. It is important to know that the cream thickens with time, because you can keep it even 4 hours in the oven, but it will not thicken until you let it cool off. Before serving, sprinkle a little sugar on top and melt it with a kitchen torch.
As far as I know creme brulee should be served cold from the fridge, because the combination of cold cream and the hot melted sugar on top, is just incredible. And so as I prefer it.

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