Arugula salad with parmigiano reggiano

An easy and delicious salad, you can whip up in no time.

I can hardly call this a recipe, cause it’s just a few ingredients, mixed in a large bowl, seasoned with good quality olive oil & parmigiano reggiano and your favorite balsamic reduction. No special dressings or ingredients.
Feel free to add whatever extra flavor you prefer or have on hands, but remember that sometimes simple things taste the best.
Arugula salad with parmegiano reggiano

Fresh arugula (rocket)
Cherry tomatoes
Parmigiano reggiano
Salt & Pepper
Balsamic reduction
Olive oil
Optional add-ons: pine nuts, roasted pecans, capers, sun-dried tomatoes;
Mix all ingredients in a salad bowl and serve immediately.
Arugula salad with parmegiano reggiano
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